The Products – Optimized Solutions for Glass Lamination

The GLAAST films are the continuation of a strategy for the production of laminated glass using high-density and highly crosslinking EVA films.

The films can therefore cover a very broad field of application.
From structural high performance applications such as facades, balustrades, overhead glazing and laminated safety glass to decorative applications with a variety of inlays – anything is possible.

The high performance of GLAAST products  is complemented in the areas of material design, production processes, quality control, structural calculation, system-based end-product design as well as technically conceived services and accessories.

A great versatility, as well as performance benefits therefore arise in the areas:

♦   Load capacity / stability
♦   Structural integrity
♦   Residual load after breakage
♦   Material viscosity (low edge outflow)
♦   Smallest splinter flight (after impact / impact)
♦   Attachment and cohesion of the network
♦   Acoustic superiority
♦   High & low UV-Cut variants
♦   Temperature resistance at high and low temperatures
♦   Optical clarity
♦   Weather resistance
♦   Moisture resistance
♦   Wide thermal processing spectrum
♦   Long and stable shelf life
♦   Fire resistance (less flammable)
♦   No dangerous substances


DAYLIGHT EV200 features high performance in optical and physical properties, high rigidity and adds a performance plus in terms of security due to higher tensile strength and tear resistance. Its pronounced clarity is paired with particular color neutrality, making the EVA film ideal for decorative applications. All this makes DAYLIGHT a universal choice for many outdoor and indoor applications.

SECURE EV100 is an EVA film, which was developed especially for high performance demands in the structural area, featuring a  very high rigidity.
Useable for outdoor and indoor applications.

EVA B-FLEX EV300 complements the selection of films. It is also a high-density and highly-crosslinking EVA film with high clarity, color neutrality and very good physical properties. However, it has been developed for a broader range of applications that do not have the same high performance requirements as the structural and security market segment. It is very well suited for more simple and decorative glazing, separating walls, embedded decors, and much more.


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