The Philosophy

5 reasons for you to consider GLAAST

1 — Unique Products
GLAAST offer to the market today the only remaining high-density, low-flow & very high cross-linking EVA & POE of a special production type. The technical and performance advantages of these features are significant. GLAAST continue a proud tradition – based on European and Japanese philosophies.

2 — Our People, Experience and Service
GLAAST’s background is based on ex-Bridgestone staff and partners – and this detailed experience offers considerable advantages for our clients. GLAAST’s people are there for you to offer a fair, honest, polite, professional and uniquely competent service.

3 — System-Based Technical Advantages
Some GLAAST products are already being used as technical alternatives to Ionomer and Hard PVB based competing products. In areas of structural – as well as safety applications – the GLAAST range of products offer the most superior EVA-based performance matrix in terms of static load bearing / deflection, aging resistance, adhesion/cohesion safety factors, blast wave modus, UV blocking, humidity/substance resistance, fire modus, acoustic, storage performance and very valuable overall versatility.

4 — Development Capability
GLAAST people’s ex-Bridgestone tradition provided for many new ideas. GLAAST with their investors will truly offer new solutions in terms of polymers in glass, hardware, software and a general system and service approach to making superior and technical glass laminations and composites. Our DNA bears on the past but looks to the future with a creative instinct and quality-based innovative spirit.

5 — Complementary Products & Services
GLAAST will offer a specialist system-based offer of products & services relating to lamination and processing. This will cover new hardware designs, software, laminated glass consulting and calculation services, glass-in-system partnerships, testing assistance, CE verification systems, tooling, supportive technical polymers, various functional/decorative inserts and accessories.