Key Features

GLAAST’s Unique Technical Experience & Competence

GLAAST EVA-based lamination films are Specifically Designed’ by experienced material, structural and application engineers especially for ‘Glass Lamination’!

GLAAST products are primarily based on Japanese developed ‘Calendared’ methodology and design principles. This technology enables completely ‘Unique Forms’ of EVA film which makes for fundamental differences relative to the usual ‘Generic, Extruded & Thermoplastic’ competitor material.

GLAAST material and production technology enables:

  • Ultra high-density and strength & highly productive materials,
  • Highest setting capability = cross-linking in speed and absolute quantity of 3D molecular links,
  • Thereby excellent weather & humidity resistance – low ageing deltas,
  • Low Vinyl Acetate (VA) content = low levels of acetic acid by-products,
  • Balanced material flow properties (low edge stress & easy cleaning),
  • Simple additive possibilities (including best UV blocking agents!),
  • Exceptional optical clarity / cleanliness,
  • Fastest laminating speed possibilities (subject to hardware),
  • Superb adhesion + cohesion + other physical property balances,
  • Low material degradation (excellent storage / handling stabilities),
  • Non-hazardous material design.

The ‘Key Quality and Performance Advantages’ in glass lamination, which the above material properties offer, enables GLAAST‘s products to be used in ‘External, Structural, Technical, Bent (incl. Cold Bent), Large Size, Electrical, Safety, Security, Fire, Acoustic, General Indoor, Decorative’ applications, etc.

Complete versatility with highest performance, reliability and safety!

Moreover and very importantly, GLAAST offers uniquely competent, data and calculation based ‘Package Solutions’ including technical support, services, associated products and technologies.