The Package

5 Reasons To Consider GLAAST:

1 — Unique EVA-Based Products
GLAAST offer to the market today the only high-density, opimised-flow, high UV-blocking, high gram-weight and very high cross-linking EVA of a ‘Calendared‘ design philosophy type.  

2 — Our People, Experience and Service
GLAAST’s people are there for you to offer a fair, honest, polite, professional and uniquely competent service.

3 — Only Technically Serious Alternatives to PVBs and Ionomers
In areas of structural – as well as safety and other technical applications – the GLAAST range of EVA based products offer the only genuine technically competent alternative to serious and established PVB and Ionomer based products.

4 — True Development Capability
GLAAST’s DNA bears on the past but looks to the future with a creative instinct as well as a performance & quality-based innovative spirit.

5 — Complementary & System-Based Products & Services
GLAAST endeavours to offer specialist ‘system-based’ associated products, technologies & services relating to lamination, glass design, calculation, verification, QC/QA and processing.