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Specially Designed for Glass

The GLAAST specially for Glass designed films cover a very broad field of application possibilities.  From structural and technical high performance applications such as facades, balustrades, overhead glazing – to normal laminated safety glass – to general / internal & decorative applications with a variety of inlays. 

GLAAST products are complemented by structural calculation & system-based end-product design capabilities – as well as by technical QC/QA conceived services and accessories.

Great versatility as well as performance benefits are possible in the areas:

  • Static load capacity / strength / structural integrity of glass
  • Residual load resistance after breakage of glass
  • Fastest and widest lamination process (process speed & number of links)                  
  • Material viscosity (low edge outflow & edge stress / ‘clean’ edges)          
  • Highest gram-weight retained under glass (up to 40% more!)
  • Lowest acetic acid by-products (ageing risks / conductive oxides)                                                          
  • Low splinter flight (after impact / blast)
  • Adhesion & Cohesion design optimisation (also after ageing!)
  • UV-Cut variants (including <5% t/t even at 380nm!)
  • Application temperature performance range stability (high & low!)
  • Exceptional optical clarity, light transmission and low haze
  • Leading weather ageing & moisture / substance resistance
  • High impact resistant variants
  • Robust & stable shelf life / handling / packing / transport
  • Acoustic advantages
  • Fire resistance (less flammable / less smoke emissions)
  • Hazardous substance control / cleanliness

GLAAST starting product range:

DAYLIGHT (EV200 series) features very high performance in ageing, high static load capability, adhesion, flow and impact resistance.  Its clarity, high light transmission and exceptional UV cut features are an optimal balance. DAYLIGHT is a high versatility & performance choice which also complements Building Integrated Photovoltaic and other electrical applications.

SECURE (EV100 series) is an EVA film, which was developed especially for high performance demands in structural segments.  It features unequalled EVA-based performance in terms of:

  • High static load performance via rigidity (shear modulus);
  • Best UV block properties and optical balance (< 5% T/T at 380nm);
  • Capability to be processed very quickly and at both high and low temperatures.
  • Best film for minimising edge flow and stress (clean edge potential).

EVA B-FLEX (EV300 series) is also a very high cross-linking and relatively low flow EVA film – but offers less density and structural / safety features relative to EV100 and EV200 series.  It offers, however, high clarity, colour neutrality and very good ageing properties. It was developed largely for a general range of applications – mainly focused on internal applications, e.g. separating windows, furniture, mirrors, embedded decors, etc.

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